Insight flickr: Nisa Maier alias “Cookiesound”

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite photographers on flickr. Her name is Nisa Maier, or better known as cookiesound. I enjoy seeing the world through her eyes and those strong emotions delivered through her pictures. She specializes on portraits, landscapes and travel photography. Get in …


155+ Illustration Streams on Flickr you shouldn’t miss.

Here is a list (no particular order) of my favourite illustrators and designers on flickr. I really love their artworks, I think you shouldn’t miss them. Enjoy! Jon Burgerman Piktorama Bubblefriends Orange Zutto Indeepop / ?floksy? Mango Three Bosque Colorblok Mark Verhaagen Rey Misterio Katie Kirk Hidrophoniq Madmarz Plushedelica Feschen …


Flickr’s Finest

I’m glad to share my latest project with you … Flickr’s Finest. Flickr’s Finest is a handpicked collection/gallery of Flickr’s finest photos, artworks, graphics and illustrations. If you want to be part of Flickr’s Finest Community, join Flickr’s Finest Group and submit your best photos/artworks/shots to this group. Every accepted …